Coss Manufacturing Software

COSS ERP is in place to manage the entire production process, including quoting, estimating, configuration, bill of materials preparation, job costing, scheduling, data collection, warehousing, and inventory management.

Built to operate effectively, and provide you with the information to make quick decisions COSS Manufacturing allows businesses to keep fit and prosper. COSS Manufacturing delivers the benefits of twenty-five of years experience and input from the shop floor while using the latest development tools.

Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP, COSS Manufacturing provides a full ERP solution. Allowing users to capitalize on a wealth of manufacturing expertise in a product that is constantly updated, improving and incorporating best practices from hundreds of manufacturing clients.

COSS Manufacturing has product breadth, depth, and stamina on a foundation of leading technology with a performance-to-price ratio tailored for small to mid-sized manufacturers. Because COSS Manufacturing is scalable you are able to change your business, either by growth in existing product lines or by the addition of new products and services. In both cases, COSS can move with you. COSS Manufacturing provides the backbone to support your business, with the flexibility to change and grow with your business.

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